What to look for when hiring for a call centre team leader

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Those working in call centre team leader jobs require excellent people skills and also need to be able to balance the demand of their own teams, with that of their own workload.

A team leader is exactly that, a leader, which means the person in the role needs to be able to effectively produce excellent results through other people. In addition to this, the process to achieve this needs to be easy and enjoyable for both team members and the leader.

There is a range of knowledge and skills that must be brought to the job by the successful candidate. Firstly, a candidate cannot succeed in a role if they do not understand what is required of them. Some of the most common requirements of the jobs are considered below.

They need to have a good understanding of what a team is, saying a group of people that work together isn't a good enough answer, the candidate should also know the things an effective team consists of.

Working as a team leader requires someone who knows how to delegate personal responsibilities and ensure they are carried out. They need to be able to break down any personal barriers to make sure the needs of the business are successfully met.

Being a leader means you they need to be able to lead, not just in day to day tasks but in meetings and team building too. Team meetings need to be effective and fun for people to really open up and take something away from the session. However, not everyone responds to things the same way which is why the person needs to be flexible in their leadership. A good team leader will be able to adopt a management style which is appropriate for each individual team member.

Team leaders need to be motivating and know how to reinforce positive and productive behaviour within their team. They must recognise challenges not just for team members, but also for themselves.

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What to look for when hiring for a call centre team leader

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This article was published on 2010/12/03