Team Mascots – Inculcating Team Spirit

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Mascot represents a group with a common public identity, such as sports team, a school, military unit, or brand name. Team mascots may take form of a logo and often appear at team matches and other related events. Mascots provide teams with an opportunity to choose a fantasy creature as their mascot.

Mascots embody the spirit of a team. This demands that they be chosen with plenty of thought and caution. Several factors should be looked into before deciding on a mascot. And even after you get one, there are several things to take care of. A well-designed team mascot would ensure enthusiastic participation by all the people involved.

While deciding on a mascot, involve all the people associated. Ask them to submit their ideas. Choose the best few of them and choose the best of them through vote. This process would ensure that all the people associated with the team are behind the mascot. One which is imposed by the administration is not likely to find that kind of support with the team.

Choosing a team mascot is a serious task and needs to be done with utmost care. Go for a mascot that denotes the spirit of your team. Mascot designs are often based on predatory animals like lions, tigers or sharks. Lovable creatures like rabbits, dogs and elephants can also be used as mascots. A cute mascot based on these characters would disseminate energy and fun. Human characters who express power such as a king, a warrior or a sailor, are also good to be chosen as mascot models. It should also be in sync with the characteristics of your geographic region. It would help local people identify with your mascot. For mascot ideas, you could also look back to local or national history. Well-known positive characters from history would also make for a good mascot. Ironic mascots have become a craze of late. You can get a suitable ironic mascot custom-made for you. Avoid choosing a controversial team mascot. Some ethnic or religious groups might object to stereotypical or caricature images of their people. Choosing a particular figure could be termed a racist. It is always better to take care of such things before they happen.

Team mascots are often hot and difficult to maneuver. To preserve your positive energy, you must know how to take care of heat exhaustion when in mascot costume. Keeping hydrated is the best way to avoid heat exhaustion. So the person wearing the mascot costume should consume plenty of water. Taking sports drinks would also be helpful since you burn lot of calories moving around. Always choose a well ventilated costume. Quality mascot costumes are equipped with lightweight mesh to keep the temperatures low. Keeping cool packs in the mascot costume is a good way to keep down the body temperature also cold kits help prolong the life of the mascot costume. Take enough breaks in demanding weather conditions and avoid sunlight if not necessary. While donning a mascot suit, always wear light clothes beneath it. A t-shirt and shorts will do. And most importantly, ask a buddy to take care of you while you perform. In case you feel signs of heat stroke like difficult breathing, fast heart beat, excessive body heat and hallucination, immediately ask your associate to arrange for proper medical attention.

Several online providers offer a great & wide selection of team mascots costumes. If you are not satisfied with a ready-made mascot costume, you can go for a customized one which suits your requirements.

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Team Mascots – Inculcating Team Spirit

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This article was published on 2010/10/12