Team building with a failing sales’ team

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Having worked as a manager for my present employer in excess of eleven years, I have seen people come and go on a monthly basis. It is a cycle that is hard to break however with so many contributing factors it is as equally as hard to deal with the huge amounts of variants, and an even higher number of participants to cater for and please, for the want of a better word. My work as a manager of a number of smaller sales teams, means most of my time is spent extinguishing fire, and not dealing with the underlying problems that manifest into big problems if left unattended.

Recently our staff retention numbers dropped below an acceptable level. This has severe ramifications at every level, this is no more apparent than in my role as managing director of sales, production and post and packaging. If I do not deliver we are in big problems, and as we all know in these uncertain financial times, of double dip recessions and credit crisis if we drop between a certain level, we will most certainly never bounce back as we have in the past.

I need to be proactive and have a team building frenzy. I have done some calculations and it would be cheaper to have the current staff stay in their positions and the company invests in them. I base this theory on the fact of how costly it is to train new employees with the health and safety aspect, IT training and more than normal amount of supervision, whilst they learn the company’s way of doing things. It is far better for moral to retain the staff and allow them to bond as a group and more importantly as a team.

My team building will encompass areas such as customer relations, sales, closing the sale, follow up calls to regular clients and I intend to have a section in the team building where I show how hard the job market is currently, in our sector. I am hoping this will all bond the sales team together and if possible with the correct selection of key words, during my team building, it will make them protective over their individual employment contract. 

The team building worked a treat and we have enjoyed 100% staff retention for the third month in a row, we even have a waiting list of would be employees. Once again this is shared with the team at the end of our weekly team building session. Just so they know they can be replaced quickly and efficiently, should the need arise. One added benefit for us is we have post graduates and numerous degree applicants, that make any employee think twice before they jump ship.

Our sales are up by seventeen percent and our repeat order percentage is up by a whopping twenty seven percent that has more than doubled since the team building started. We now have a strict team building regime that is written in to the contracts as a mandatory requirement to attend.

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For further infortmation about teambuilding or if you want to read more about management in practice (in Danish ledelse i praksis) check this useful web page.

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Team building with a failing sales’ team

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Team building with a failing sales’ team

This article was published on 2012/03/30