Team Building - Knowing What Drives Team Members

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There are many techniques to team building and they are very good at bringing people together. I have mentioned in other articles that communication is extremely important and in fact can make or break a team. This is not just the leader giving information in a clear way but making sure the information was received. People learn and understand in different ways, the larger the team, the more difficult this becomes.

I have talked about friendships (not clicks), praise, clear roles, trust, and fixing problems together. But there is something that is not talked about very much. I'm not sure if it's felt that it is not easy to teach or it is just something that has not gotten much attention. I can only say that it has been the foundation that allowed success with my teams in the past. It didn' matter what industry it was it always worked to cement the team.

Most teams, let's face it, are built from the top down. That needs to be reversed, whether the team is new or well established when a new leader comes in, it should be formed again. By this I mean there has to be a relationship formed between the leader and the team. No matter where I go to assist leaders when I ask a few questions they seem to act surprised. I won't ask about techniques at first but instead I will ask if the leader knows the team. What are the goals and desires of the team members? In this respect I mean on an individual basis.

So what is this aspect that is missing? Where is your team going and working towards individually? This has a huge effect on the team because this is where individual goals need to mesh with the team goals. Sometimes people want to get to the next level so much they don't concentrate on the level they are in now. So it simply needs attention to make sure there is not a conflict between team and individual goals.

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Team Building - Knowing What Drives Team Members

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This article was published on 2010/04/01