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What is the mean of team building games you are asking? Actually the answer is really simple. They build teams and promote cooperation. They have been used by companies to stimulate their employees and promote personal development. These games have been designed keeping in mind the groups of people it is intended for. The activities should be appropriate for the team members.
One of the most important things for team building exercises is to keep people motivated in the chosen activity. There are many games which could be used to build a team. Here is a list of these I think are most interesting.
Minefield - The group will be asked to talk about different things that are detrimental to group's functioning. Then an object will be thrown into the playing field for each characteristic or action. Then the players will select partners. One of them will be blindfolded at one end of the field. The other partner will guide him through the field without hitting any of the obstacles.
Transfer the Body - In this game, all participants lie on the floor in a straight line with their heads together and their legs and body extending out to the side. All of them have to put their hands up. A person then lies down on the extended arms and the whole group transfers that person to the end of the chain.
Letters - Four or five people will form a group. The English alphabet is called out. The goal is that the group have to spell the letters using only their bodies on the floor. Scores will be kept and the winner will be the fastest group.
Introduction - This is an interesting game where each team player is told to state his or her name. An adjective also needs to be attached which the person feels best fits her or is the most dominant in him or her.
Quizzing - This game can be made in the form of quiz nights. The players will be asked general knowledge questions and they will compete one against the other.
All these games are very good for stimulating employees and making a group work like a team and also to understand the personal qualities of others. These things are very good for building an expert, well organised team which is inspired to succeed.
Still team bonding games are not the best way to increase morale and if there are serious attitude troubles. These games might actually harm the team. There are workshops which focus in these problematic areas. However team bonding games have positive impact on the mind of the individuals. They are great for new formed teams which need interaction, bonding and confidence.

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Team Building Games

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This article was published on 2010/10/14