Reasons Why Brilliant Teams Achieve Their Goals

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It is now just over 3 weeks since the final stage of the 2009 Tour De France. I can see you thinking, "What has the Tour De France got to do with personal or business coaching?" I mention it because the British rider Mark Cavendish won 6 stages of the race, a new record in the event.

Mark cycles with Team Columbia and last year Mark won 4 stages.

Some say that Mark is arrogant; maybe they confuse this with his determination to be the best sprinter in the world, I am not here to make any judgment or convince anyone either way, belief is a personal thing and whatever you believe you will be right.

At the end of the tour Mark paid tribute to his team mates within Team Columbia who supported him throughout the race, protecting him from the challenge of other riders (cycling is a physical sport with riders jockeying for position while travelling at speed), making sure that they got him in the best position while retaining as much energy as possible ready for the final sprint.

The game plan would be worked out before each stage Planning and Preparation with a planned outcome or clear goal.

During the stage itself the team would review their tactics depending on moves by the other teams, weather conditions etc. This review would mean that a team member would drop back and talk with the crew in the back up vehicle, then pass this information on to the rest of the team.

The key point here, is that you may have set your goal, but because things have changed you are not getting the result you want and the tactics need to be reviewed.

The success cycle is a fantastic tool if you are not achieving the results you want simply revisit the stages of the success cycle and make the changes you feel you need to make to get back on track.

Each team member understood their personal role within the team knowledge and understanding of each others roles.

This is key and sounds so obvious, so obvious in fact that a many organisations miss this point or enter a stage of denial telling themselves that all is OK, but when I work with organisations and meet with the team members on an individual basis I hear a very different view.

Team Columbia have a great owner Bob Stapleton who is always working with team to see how they can improve, they have a great leader with a philosophy of the past has gone it is what Team Columbia does in the future that is important.

The result of all this effort was a new record of six stage wins by one rider in the TOUR DE FRANCE.

Before the event Mark Cavendish set himself the GOAL and visualised himself crossing the finishing line in first place on the Champs Elysee. Team Columbia made the break, first as a unit, then as one of Marks team mates hit the front at speed leaving all but Mark off the pace.

Mark Cavendish and the team had belief.

The team planned and prepared.

The team reviewed their plan.

The team took the required actions to get back on track.

Each team member had knowledge and understanding about their role.

The team has a great leader.

The team constantly strives to improve.

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Reasons Why Brilliant Teams Achieve Their Goals

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This article was published on 2010/03/29