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Here is how I see the Top 10 teams in the NFL heading into Week 8 of the 2010 season:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers probably got away with one against Miami, but I can't drop them for getting lucky. The Steelers can be beat, but they seem like the best, most balanced team in the NFL right now. With Big Ben back, the Steelers' passing game has looked great.

2. New York Jets: The Jets didn't lose any ground during their bye week. This team is really close to being undefeated, and perhaps only has one loss because they waited a week to unleash Mark Sanchez. Sanchez struggled heading into the bye, but he seems to have made a lot of progress in the offseason.

3. New England Patriots: The Patriots don't look great on paper and they don't overwhelm you when you watch them play, but they find ways to win. The passing game is not what it used to be, but their defense has improved enough to hold opponents in check. I have to think this team has been getting a little lucky, though.

4. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens escaped the Bills this weekend, which would have been an embarrassing loss. The Baltimore secondary was exposed by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Lee Evans; the team will have to fix their issues if they're going to remain in the Top 5.

5. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts don't lose any ground this week, as they were on a bye, and I think they could actually be the third best team in the league. We'll find out when they face Houston on Monday Night Football.

6. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons looked like a Top 5 team in the first half against the Bengals, but allowed Cincinnati to come back. This defense is not an elite unit, though the offense has its fair share of playmakers. Roddy White is definitely a guy worth getting NFL tickets to see play.

7. New York Giants: I am just about ready to go all in on the Giants, and I think they could very well be the best team in the NFC. Their pass-rush has returned and they've got a very good offense. If Eli Manning can limit his turnovers, I think they can go to the Super Bowl.

8. Tennessee Titans: The Titans made a statement in beating a solid Eagles team in Week 7. They've got one of the better defenses in the league and their offense is becoming more and more balanced as the weeks go by. I think they can succeed with either Vince Young or Kerry Collins at this point. This looks like a playoff team.

9. Green Bay Packers: The Packers are going to struggle to overcome their injuries, but they still seem like one of the better teams in a shaky NFC. Aaron Rodgers won't give up on the season.

10. Houston Texans: The Texans could be great if they could stop anyone. They've got one of the worst secondaries in the league and opposing passing games are feasting on them. They've got to outshoot teams to beat them, though they often can thanks to their high-powered offense.
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Nfl Tickets - Top 10 Power Rankings

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This article was published on 2010/11/11