Have Fun Football Months Utilizing Tailgating Koozies

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Just about everybody in the USA loves watching Sunday football; it’s the number 1 sport for that season. A popular amongst fans which are lucky enough to be season ticket holders or those that buy tickets on their own may be the infamous tailgating parties that are held hours prior to the kickoff from the game.

If you were to one of these simple tailgating parties, you know that the fans are crazy and do numerous things to show their team support and loyalty; from painting the team colors to dressing since the team mascot. There are other ways that tend to be more subtle however to exhibit one?s team spirit for example creating posters, wearing club shirts as well as giving people tailgating koozies with the team logo in it.

You might be asking yourself ‘what are tailgating koozies?’ Well these are nifty little gadgets have been around for a while, however, many know them as other names such as beer coolers, beer huggers or can coolers. They are constructed with a foam product and shaped to suit your can of beer (or other canned beverage) inside. It will keep your drink cool for approximately 40 minutes and can also be used to keep beverages warm. The beer hugger will also protect your hand from getting chilled as you are not directly holding the can.

If you want to buy tailgating koozies you can look for them already made online at your league online website; or you will find the option of having your personal designed for an extremely minimal price. Customization is comparatively easy and there are many options and varieties available. Koozies usually come in one color but can have a different color ink screen printed on them.

Wouldn’bt other tailgater’s and NFL team fanatic be delighted to not only have the ability to keep their beer cool but additionally have yet another way to show their team support with tailgating koozies to exhibit off. You may have the ability to sell the beer coolers and take whatever money you earn and purchase more goodies to eat, drink or party with in the game.

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Have Fun Football Months Utilizing Tailgating Koozies

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This article was published on 2010/10/01